The impact of contrastive analysis based pronunciation teaching on Iranian EFL learners’ listening comprehension

پروپوزال آماده زبان انگلیسی، ترجمه، Teaching، انجام پایان نامه زبان انگلیسی، پروپوزال زبان، دانلود پروپوزال آماده

The impact of contrastive analysis based pronunciation teaching on Iranian EFL learners’ listening comprehension

 – Introduction

Listening is one of the most problematic skills for foreign language learners (FLL) since it does not develop easily and plays an important role in communication as it is said that, of the total time spent on communication, it takes up 40-50% (Mendelsohn, 1994).


– Theoretical Framework

Before linguistics became a scientific study of language, language was studied subjectively. This subjectivity lied in the fact that language investigators, by the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, had been prescriptive in their ideas- to say how a language or a teaching method should be or should be taught, how we ought to speak and how we ought not to speak- rather than to be descriptive- to describe what really existed, and focuses on describing how native speakers actually do speak. …


– Statement of the problem

Listening is one of the most challenging skills for EFL learners to develop as it is probably the least explicit of the four language skills (Vandergrift, 2017). It is a key to all effective communications, without effective listening ability, messages are easily misunderstood- communication breaks down and the sender of the message can easily become frustrated and irritated. In the field of English Language Teaching, listening has been neglected as language skill, or practiced in inadequate ways. Students often find a tremendous amount of difficulties while they are listening to the language they are learning (Sevil Ak, 2016)…..


– Significance of the study

The importance of listening in language learning has changed over the past years.  Listening used to be overlooked and educators supposed that listening abilities would be acquired during the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation practice (Hedge). This was quite surprising as abilities to listen, play an equal role as abilities to speak in successful communication. There are a lot of reasons why educators focus on the ability to understand and contribute to communication.


– Purpose of the study

– Research Question of the study

– Research Hypothesis of the study

– Definition of key terms

-Literature review

– The design of the study

– Setting and Participants

– Instruments and Materials

– Data Collection Procedures

– Methods of Analyzing Data


– References

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