A Bakhtinian Reading of Donald Barthelme’s Snow White

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A Bakhtinian Reading of Donald Barthelme’s Snow White

– General Overview

Donald Barthelme, an American author, novelist, editor, journalist and professorwas born in Philadelphia in 1931, deep in the deep Depression. He spent much of his early career in journalism till a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1967 paved the way for his first novel, Snow White (1967). Soon after, he was considered one of the masters of post-war fiction working outside the realistic tradition to satirize American life. He continued teaching and writing fictions until his death in 1989.


– Statement of the Problem

The present dissertation seeks to critically argue the multiplicity of voices in Donald Barthelme’s Snow White according to Bakhtin’s premises of polyphony and dialogism. Preoccupied with the style and thematic features of the novel, this dissertation aims to study the multiplicity of voices and their ideologies heard through the dialogues the characters are engaged in both with themselves and the other characters. In Snow White, each character has a voice through shifting perspectives. Additionally, Barthelme adds a third person perspective discussing aspects of characterization unseen from the figures’ point of view. Therefore, the novel can be traced as a field of challenge where Bakhtin’s notions come alive.


– Objectives and Significance of the Study

– Significance of the Study

In the light of Bakhtin’s premises, system as a synchronic whole offers no way of illustrating how particular meanings are shaped within particular utterances. In fact, language has a diachronic nature in its actual use. Furthermore, the actual reality of language is embedded in the social event of verbal interaction rooted in an utterance. In other words, language exists dialogically and its meaning is socially produced in a specific context.


– Purpose of the Study

– Research Questions

– Review of literature

– Materials and Methodology

– Definition of Key Terms








Word or Utterance

– Organization of the Study




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